SCAAR Studios is the collective art and design engagement of artists Adrian Rodriguez and Sammia Atoui. The artists are proud to operate SCAAR Studios on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Adrian Rodriguez was raised a latch-key kid in the North East USA. Reared on throw away comic books, "dime novels", and a natural predilection towards cynicism, Adrian cultivated his love of the absurd. After an extended undergraduate career and much debt, Adrian received a BFA and a Diploma Certificate from the SMFA. Aside from working as a designer, illustrator, and daytime “data wrangler”, he is a printmaker, an avid comic artist, and drawing instructor.

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Sammia Atoui loves summer green drenched landscapes. Old bridges, unused canals, grown over paths, woods, and dirt are sentimental favorites to her. Her artistic focus is femaleness, exoticism, and captivity, and her subject matter spans portraits, flowers, domestic scenes, and abstract works. Sammia received her BFA from RISD, and her MBA from Simmons. Her career as a disguised salesman includes Client Relationship Management, Milliner, Barista, and Artist.

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